Units That Fought Against Morgan's Men

A special invitation of Associate membership is offered to descendants of the Union soldiers that were adversaries of Gen. John Hunt Morgan.
Below is a list of some of these Union units.

Note: Background tune is "The Knot of Blue and Gray". Please read the beautiful lyrics of this song, written by one that had two brothers one in the army of the North and another in the South.


Union units that were at the Battle of Buffington Island, Ohio:
  • 5th IND CAV (2 companies) (Lt. John O'Neil)
  • 11th KY CAV (Maj. Milton Graham)
  • 14th ILL CAV (Lt.Col. Horace Capron)
  • Henshaw's Independent(Ill.) Battery (Capt. E.Henshaw)
  • Several unattached units and local militia
  • 2nd OVC (Lt.Col.B. Purington)
  • 7th OVC (Col. Israel Garrard)
  • 8th Mich Cav (Lt.Col. Grover S. Wormer)
  • 9th Mich CAV (Lt. Col. George S. Acker)
  • 11th Mich Battery (one section) (Lt. Roy)
  • 1st KY CAV (Lt.Col. Silas Adams)
  • 2nd East TN Mounted Infantry (Col. Jas. Carter)
  • 45th Ohio Mounted Infantry (Col. Benjamin P. Runkle)
  • 3rd KY CAV (1 battalion) (Maj. Lewis Wolfley)
  • 8th KY CAV (1 battalion) (Lt. William A. Sasseen)
  • 9th KY CAV (1 battalion) (Maj. George W. Rue)
  • 12th KY CAV (Col. Eugene W. Crittenden)
  • 22nd IND Battery (1 section) (Capt. Benjamin F. Denning)
  • Athens County, Ohio Militia (1 comapnay) (Capt. J. Stedman)
  • Marietta, Ohio Militia (1 company) (Maj. Bloomfield)
  • Harmar Battery (1 section) (Lt. J. Young)
  • U.S. Gunboat Moose (Lt. Cmdr. LeRoy Fitch)
  • U.S. Steamer Imperial (Master T.J. Oakes)
  • U.S. Steamer Allegheny Belle (Master Nat Pepper)

  • Background Music, "Knot of Blue and Gray"

    Traditional Song , author unknown.



    You ask me why upon my breast
    Unchanged from day to day.
    Linked side by side in this broad band
    I wear the Blue and Gray.
    I had two brothers long ago,
    Two brothers blithe and gay.
    One wore the suit of Northern blue
    And one of Southern gray.

    One heard the roll call of the South
    And linked his faith with Lee.
    The other bore the stars and stripes
    With Sherman to the sea.

    Each fought for what he thought was
    right And fell with sword in hand.
    One sleeps amid Virginia's hills,
    And one in Georgia's sands.

    But the same sun shines on both their graves,
    O'er valley and o'er hill,
    And in the darkest of the hours
    My brothers they lie still.

    That is why upon my breast
    unchanged from day to day,
    Linked side by side in this broad band
    I wear the Blue and Gray.


    Gen. Basil Duke
    Gen. J. H. Morgan
    Morgan's Units
     Enemy Units
    Source: Blue and Gray Magazine, April 1998.
    Thanks to Marlitta Perkins for bringing this issue of Blue and Gray Magazine to our attention.
    Background music: "Knot of the Blue and Gray" Midi file from "The Borderland Collection", Copyrighted 1998; Scott K.Williams, All Rights Reserved.